She said it was all American B. S.

I remember my first trip

to Poland. It was February of 2012 and I was with one of my best friends, Bruce Carroll aka The King.  We were on a mission and ready to give birth to our first two Polish potato vodka products.

It was cold, piercing cold which probably explains the high level of vodka consumption in the country.

Our distillery was founded in a little town called Wroclaw in southwest  Poland. We met with our international trade manager who also became our interpreter as most of the company did not speak English.

Over the course of several days we met with some great people but the lady who knocked my socks off was this 5’0″ blonde chemist named Hannah. As we worked on my “recipe” and learned how to properly taste test spirits I’ll never forget one of her responses to a question that I asked her.  Through the interpreter I asked Hannah how many times would we be distilling the product? She looked puzzled. I added that in the U.S.  there were many claims o f  three, four, six and in two specific cases there was a vodka called Grand Teton who claimed twenty times distilled and then I read where Effen Vodka ( and now 50 cent) were claiming one hundred times distilled. She then smiled and proceeded to tell us in her Best Polish that all those claims were nothing but “American B.S.  When I asked her how many times we were going to distill she said once. And what about the filtering process I asked?  “Once” she said again. Now it was me with the puzzled look and she continued her response. You see, she said, it had nothing to do with how many times rather it’s how long do we “cook” the product. She used cooking an egg to simplify it for her American guests who were already big Hannah fans. You can under cook, over cook and or get it just right she said. Wishing I was from Missouri I so wanted to say I’m from the show me state but the odds of her getting my humor were slim.

So we cooked and cooked and cooked, perfecting the proprietary ZIMS Vodka recipes because “time” is one of the critical components to delivering what we now call “The smoothest vodka on the planet “.

So in February, 2012 ZIM’S Vodka was born thirty three minutes flying time from Frankfurt Germany in the Polish city of Wroclaw. In January of 2013 we launched ZIM’S in the fine state of Michigan, world headquarters for the company.

More to come.